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The Golden Age has begun. This is the start of a season that includes Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Constatine, and Agents of Shield. Truly, comic TV is in an incredible place. Gotham is the first show to make a case for more comic book shows. Now I don't want to go through and review every minute of the show. I just have a couple of questions.

- Why not just dismiss the comedian? It seems kinda risky to have him around for when you kill Penguin.

- Why were the special police officers ready to just take Penguin at his word? They have no reason to believe him and they established a motive for why he wanted to get rid of Fish. He didn't seem like a reliable source.

- Why don't people in Gotham automatically recognize Tom and Martha Wayne? They didn't get shot in the face. The Waynes are some of the most well known people in that city. It would be like if Donald Trump got shot in New York. People would recognize him.

- Why can't it be the opera?

- How did Catgirl know that woman had milk in her bag? I don't remember it being visible.

- Were there any Easter eggs that weren't incredibly obvious?

- Why did that woman think she could carry all of those groceries in a single paper bag? It seems like they would naturally give you two.

- Why did Bullock keep telling Gordon that he wasn't tough enough for Gotham? Gordon was a war hero. War seems like it automatically beats corrupt neighborhood on the toughness scale.

- Why did the show end on that sandwich eating shot? Compared to the scene before it (Gordon driving away from Wayne Manor) it really did a poor job of tonally closing the pilot.

- Where is this Alfred from? I know he is usually English but that accent almost sounded Australian to me.

- What did Sal say to Gordon at the end of the episode? I don't speak Italian.

- Are we just completely throwing out everyone's origin stories? I don't think it's a huge deal if we are. It just seems like a question worth answering now. Riddler, Penguin, Catgirl, and Ivy seem completely different. They even changed Ivy's name. I guess they can end up in the same place as their iconic characters after a season or seven.

- Who on Earth would hire someone like Nygma to work at the police station? He is clearly all kinds of crazy.

- Isn't it incredible that Paul Lassiter was able to rise up through the ranks and become the mayor himself?

- Why is she called Fish? I didn't see her eating any. The attempted murder took place in a meat locker. It just seems like a weird name to use if you aren't going to give her a gimmick to go with it.

- Are we going to spend the entire series solving the Wayne's murder. If that's the case, then is it a conspiracy? That would be about as bizarre as when Tim Burton decided that the Joker did it.

- Did Bruce make up his mind to turn into Batman in a week? That seems a little fast.

- How many episodes til we get our "Penguin eat Fish" moment? The writers don't seem like they have anything better than that for those two.

- What is with the coincidences? I don't mind Gordon running into Batman and three top tier Bat-villains in the first episode but why did his wife have to just happen to have been a lesbian with the special investigator that was tracking Gordon? Also why did Catgirl have to be there are the Wayne murder? It makes Gotham seem about as small as Star's Hollow.

If you have any other questions or any answers for me, tweet me at @nationofnando. I really want to hear what other people are thinking about the show which, to be fair, I did enjoy.
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