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Monday, June 2, 2014

This Week in Game of Thrones Spoilers and MBS

This post technically is a Game of Thrones spoiler but, like everything MBS, it is really all about yours truly. Story after the break.
So I don't want to brag but an image has been making the rounds on sites like this one. It's a capture of the tweet that Pablo Pascal (Oberyn) tweeted after a certain Game of Thrones fight scene. Let us know if you see anything interesting. 

Oh what's that at the bottom there?
It's us! We're famous! Woo-hoo. I knew we should have followed that Ellen selfie. We could have been millionaires by now! Either way, follow us on twitter so that you can see what other awesome stuff we follow and retweet. For our full GoT thoughts, listen to our newest podcast.

Thanks to Veronica for pointing this out to us.