Metal Wolf, Hail To The Chief

Disclaimer: Nando here, and if you haven't played Metal Wolf Chaos yet, this feature will contain spoilers.  If you don’t care, read on. I haven't played it either, because it is hard to obtain but I have read/watched Youtube videos. Also, all images used here are sourced from the internet.  These images are property of FROM Software,, and we’re just using them for reference of America.

America is already on the brink of destruction. Our stagnant economy is putting us behind other growing superpowers. Climate change is going to flood our major coastal cities within the next few decades. Brazil is hosting the World Cup and America is in Group G with Portugal AND Germany. America needs a hero. America needs Metal Wolf.

A Bit of History

You see, after the death of freedom in America in 2025, there is a large military coup d'etat. Rebel forces capture many American cities and the central institutions of government fall. Bummer right? Lucky for us there is one last hope. That hope is the President of the United States of America.

That President is a direct descendant of our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. Why does that matter, you ask? Oh I don't know. Maybe because he is the only President with a PH.D. Maybe because he was the Governor of New Jersey. Or maybe it's because Woodrow Wilson was the President who was responsible for America's involvement in World War 1. He literally said that America needed to go to war, and I'm quoting here, "to make the world safe for democracy". And it was one of the bloodiest conflicts in history. Or at least it was...until the Arizona Insurrection.

I know what you're thinking. "Enough with the history lesson!" Well the Arizona Insurrection led to President Michael Wilson donning one of the most Ultimate Giant Robots in the history of America; Metal Wolf. It was specially designed for his use to defeat the rebel forces and reestablish stability in America. His Vice-President, Richard Hawk, also had a giant mech. Together the two fought and saved America and there was peace once again...until Hawk wanted it all for himself.

The dastardly Richard Hawk turned the American forces on Michael Wilson and launched an attack. Luckily, Michael was apparently piloting Metal Wolf inside the White House, so he was able to leap out and repel the attacking forces. He escaped and started a crusade to free America and destroy Richard Hawk. Once he became President, Richard Hawk committed many atrocities like reinstating slavery. I kid you not.

The Star Spangled Mech

Metal Wolf is the name of Michael Wilson's American mech. It is large enough to hold a human man and a bunch of weapons, but it's size is hard to determine because of fact that this game is out of it's mind and the size of different things change constantly. It lacks the ability to fly and has to be shuttled mission to mission in Air Force One but it does have dash abilities and moves very quickly. As you wold expect Metal Wolf is painted Red White and Blue as an homage to the flag of France. Or America. One or the other. Metal Wolf is a humaoid mech featuring a head, legs, and two hands with five fingers.

Each shoulder has a pod containing Metal Wolf's weapons. The weapons in the pods include a cluster missile launcher, a dumb-fire rocket launcher, an M134, a SPAS-12 shotgun (double-size), and an M79 grenade launcher (also double-size). Michael is able to cycle through the different weapons and if he has enough President Points, fire all of the weapons at once. Each pod also has the Presidential seal on the side.

It is the smallest robot in the bracket, except for the Sentinels who change in size depending on the generation, but Metal Wolf packs a punch. It is unbelievably strong. Metal Wolf is very difficult to stop and because of that it has the ability to plow through large objects like trees and crates. It also fights and destroys weapons far larger than itself. For example, Metal Wolf is not only able to beat a tank that is hundreds of feat long. He is also able to lift this tank over his head and throw it into the Hudson River.

A Cult Video Game To End All Cult Video Games

If you want to purchase Metal Wolf it will cost you somewhere around $150. That does not include some special Steel Battalion type controller. That is just the price of the game. It is incredibly rare based on a little thing called Supply and Demand. Demand was originally low, so a very small supply of Metal Wolf Chaos were made. Years later, the internet got it's claws in MWC and demand skyrocketed but no more copies were created, therefor the remaining copies quadrupled in value.

Let's Plays of the game also appeared all over the internet. Most notably was the Sw1tcher (Best Friend's Play) Youtube channel. Matt and Pat played the game as the finale to their fourth season, often remarking on the game's unbelievable premise and silly dialogue. 

Actual lines from Metal Wolf Chaos include,

"Make junk food out of him, Mr. President." - Jody Crawford

"Metal Wolf's pilot is meaner that Satan himself." - DNN News Anchor

Referring to a giant robo-spider "Uh. It's like a big ol' carnival. It's like Mardi Gras in New York or something." - Vice President Richard hawk

"I'll head to Liberty Island to rescue my men; and the reason is because I'm the President of these great United States of America!" - President Michael Wilson

and of course

"Yeah! Suck on my missile punch!" - President Richard Hawk

What more could you want?

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