Gurren Lagann is the Ultimate Giant Robot

This is a big one that we never saw coming. Gurren Lagann has won the bracket and is now officially the Ultimate Giant Robot.

Five weeks ago we started our bracket to determine the Ultimate Giant Robot. The criteria was purely based on ultimateness. It wasn't just "Which one would win in a fight". If a robot brought something special to the table, like heart or that it was piloted by the president, that contributed to it's ultimatness. The robots also had to be bigger than a house. We seperated the combatents into four conferences: Anime, TV, Movies, and Video Games.

Gurren Lagann was a late addition into the Anime conference and came out swinging. It destroyed EVA from Neon Genesis Evangelion with 65% of the votes. It then went on to destroy Voltron by 66%, which was a huge surprise. Then, much like in the Gurren Lagann anime, things got crazy for Gurren Lagann.

Gurren Lagann was matched up against what most people would consider the #1 seed in the Anime conference, Gundam Wing 0. It seemed like this would be the end for Gurren. Instead Gurren Lagann beat Gundam Wing 0 with 75% of the vote. That level of blowout had only been achieved in the bracket by really popular robots matched up against robots from 30 years ago i.e. Optimus Prime vs Grimlock or MechaGodzilla vs Gort. And Gurren wasn't going to stop there.

The next match-up was against the winner of the TV conference. The Sentinel was coming out strong. He was a popular villain in the 90's X-Men cartoon and the primary antagonist in the recent Days of Future Past film (besides Magneto who always has to decide to be bad guy in the end of the movie for some reason). Gurren Lagann was also the only competitor at this point who didn't have an article written about him yet, because DJ is lazy. Lo and behold, Gurren came out on top with 66% of the vote. He was on to the final round. 

Gipsy Danger was, hands down, the favorite here. When we asked people which robot to put in the bracket, more than any other answer was "The one from Pacific Rim. You know. The one with the sword that it forgets about. The main guy." Gipsy had defeated Crimson Typhoon (a Pacific Rim robot with three whole Chinese dudes in it), the A.T.A.T (famous from the Empire Strikes Back but more famously The Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Game), Metal Wolf (the President's robot), and the Iron Giant (THE IRON GIANT). 

Gurren Lagann beat it by 88%. That is the highest margin in any championship round in Mad Bracket Status history! The heavens have officially been pierced. Nothing can beat a robot powered by manliness that can throw galaxies. It should have been obvious all along.

We want to thank everyone who voted and supported all of the giant robots. For the next week, we will be running the Things That Have 8 In Them Bracket submitted by friend of the show Dan Ward. You can vote here. We will be updating every few days, so vote often. For updates from us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know if you have any ideas for our next bracket, The Greatest Sports Movie Villain. Tweet us your ideas. For a more detailed explanation of this week's events, an interview with the creator of Beowulf: A Board Game (who really like Gurren Lagann), and a lot of incredible Transformers talk with the actual Autobot known as Optimus Prime, you can listen to our most recent podcast.

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  1. Even when trapped by karma's cycle the dreams we left behind will open the door. Even if the universe stands in our way our seething blood will determine what will be. We'll break through time and space and defy all who would stop us to grab hold of our path!

    Tengen Toppa... GURREN LAGANN!!!

    Just who the hell... DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?!?


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