Who is the Ultimate Giant Robot?

Mad Bracket Status is starting its next bracket soon and we have decided to use this bracket to determine THE ULTIMATE GIANT ROBOT! It will be an epic bracket as it will contain 32 participants. We are looking for ideas for participants from you.

We really only have a couple of qualifications
  • They have to be some sort of robot. That includes fully autonomous robots, semi autonomous robots, mechs, and biological robot things. If your choice is too questionable, we will figure it out.
  • It has to be at least 20 feet tall. That is the size of a two story house. If the size of your robot is close but hard to find for sure, that's fine. We will take your word for it.
Basically submit and we will sort it out later. Look for the new podcast on our Soundcloud page where we unveil the bracket and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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