The Ultimate Giant Robot Bracket - Seeding Results

Mad Bracket Status is starting its next bracket to determine THE ULTIMATE GIANT ROBOT! It will be an epic bracket as it will contain 32 participants. We have seeded the combatants into the four zones of Anime, Cartoons/TV, Movies, and Video Games. There is a bit of overlap but it had to happen. Here are the combatants.

Gundam Wing 0 vs RX-78-2 Gundam
Big O vs ARX-7-Arbalest
EVA vs Gurren Lagann
LigerZero vs Voltron
Optimus Prime vs Grimlock
Robo Dexo 2000 vs Megadoomer
Sentinel vs Gigantor
Megas XLR vs Megazord
Loveless' Giant Tarantula vs ATAT
Crimson Typhoon vs Gypsy Danger
Tripods vs The Iron Giant
Mecha Godzilla vs Gort
Omnidroid v10 vs Metalbeard
Video Games
Metal Gear Ray vs Egg Walker
Mecha Ridley vs Mecha Dragon
Metal Wolf vs Atlas

Voting on the first round will take place all week. You can vote here. For updates from us, follow us on Facebook and TwitterFor a more detailed explanation of the bracket, you can listen to our most recent podcast. Bracketeers, roll out!

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