Nando Plays Pokemon - Week 3 Update

So a lot has changed. I saved the world. I won all of the badges. All of that pales in comparison to the big news that I GOT A HAIRCUT! Woooooohoooooo!

It really made the game so much better. Now this is going to take a little bit of explaining but understanding my play style is very important. Let's say I enter a town. Here is what I do every single time.

1. Find and enter Pokemon Center
    A. Heal Pokemon
    B. Deposit Venusaur
    C. Withdraw new hotness
2. Try to go right on through to the next route (This usually doesn't work)
3. Find and destroy my rival
4. Demolish the gym and get the badge
5. Return to the Pokemon Center
    A. Heal Pokemon
    B. Deposit scrub (aka new hotness)
    C. Withdraw and apologize to Venusaur
6. Go right on through to the next route. (This works now)
*It should be noted that I am, of course, saving every 30 seconds.

Based on this play style, there isn't a lot of room for entering other houses and cafes and such. I still don't understand what the cafes are for. I didn't even ask about those houses with the shirts on the front. Until now. It turns out those houses with shirts out front sell shirts and pants and hats. And you can customize your outfit! What! There are also apparently haircut places so now I have short hair! I am pimpin all over the Kalos region. No wonder my rival can't stay away.
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