Bracketeer Spotlight: Megadoomer

We at Mad Bracket Status decided it might be fun to have the MBS crew write some blog posts about the competitors in the brackets so that more casual fans get an idea of who we are raving/kvetching about.

I, Nando, am going to start with the Megadoomer

Formally known as the Megadoomer X3 Combat Stealth Mech, the Megadoomer is the most powerful stealth robot in the Irkan military. It was engineered by Bort scientists that were conquered by the Irkens. The Megadoomer has an array of weapons, including shoulder mounted rocket launchers, missiles, and a hidden auxilliary laser cannon. As its name suggests, the Megadoomer also posesses a new generation cloaking system that cloaks the mech but leaves the operator inside completely visible. It also has chicken legs. It runs on batteries but can also be powered by a cord that plugs into a standard Earth outlet.

Zim receives it by accident. The Tallest mean to send it to Invader Tenn, but a disgruntled shipping worked switches the labels and Tenn instead receives a crate full of Malfunctioning SIR units, which we can assume kill her. Zim uses the Megadoomer to stomp through town to Dib's house, often unplugging the mech by walking too far from the original location which forces GIR to find a new outlet. Seeing the destruction, a police officer engages the Megadoomer. Zim stomps on the officer's car which is easily destroyed by the giant mech and continues on his rampage. Upon arrival at Dib's house, Dib points out that Zim is visible while the mech is invisible which compromises Zim's plan. Zim's only option is to press the self destruct button, which is a smiley face. The Megadoomer explodes and both Zim and Dib declare victory. 

This is the only appearance of a Megadoomers in Invader Zim.

You can watch the full Megadoomer episode here. To vote for the Megadoomer or any of the competitors, follow this link. For more spot on commentary, follow Nando on twitter. For updates from Mad Bracket Status, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For a better detailed explanation of our Ultimate Giant Robot thoughts, you can listen to our most recent podcast.

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