Nando Plays Pokemon - Week 1 Update

We are one week into Nando Plays Pokemon and things are going great. The team consists of Chesnaught (49), Venusaur (46), Talonflame (48), Haunter (38), Stunfisk (40), and Reuniclus (49). 

Reuniclus has taken the lead as Nando's favorite however Stunfisk's diversity of move types has kept him intrigued. The big grass guys have been working well together. Venusaur plays more of a supporting role while Chesnaught does most of the damage. Talonflame may be the MVP with his fire type moves and the high damage dealing Fly attack. Stunfisk also does a flying type move called Bounce which is essentially Fly but he cannot learn Fly He is also not ever referred to as a fish even though that is clearly what he is. Haunter rounds out the group as a sort of wild card. 

Nando has 6 out of the 8 badges necessary to advance and has done 0 side missions. If you want to battle him, you will have to tell him how that works because he has NO idea. And now, some Pokejams.

Nando Plays Pokemon - Week 1 Update Nando Plays Pokemon - Week 1 Update Reviewed by Unknown on 2:00 PM Rating: 5

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