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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bioshock Movie Totally Probably Happening This Time Maybe

As everyone who has played video games in the last ten years knows, Bioshock is one of the rare video game series's that is both popular, lucrative, and respected. It consists of Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. That's it. End of list. So it comes as no surprise that Hollywood has always wanted to get one of these on the big screen. Originally it was going to be a 150 million dollar, R-Rated, Gore Verbinski epic but Universal had trouble committing 150 million to a movie with that narrow of an audience. Sony on the other hand may be interested.

According to a Kotaku article that has since been removed Sony recently registered the domains,, and which usually is code for a movie is coming. Naturally we are conflicted. We at Mad Bracket Status have played the two Bioshock games and know they are amazing cinematic adventures and could make excellent movies. We also know that video game movies are almost always the worst movies ever. It was our first bracket. In a world of movies where The Prince of Persia is king, Bioshock should be able to rule but look at how cool Need for Speed looked and then look at what we got. We will keep an eye on this.