Mad Panel Status - CPAC Edition

It's official. Mad Bracket Status is going to CPAC!

No, not the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Although maybe next year) Mad Bracket Status is going to have a panel at the Castle Point Anime Convention. We're not kidding!! Nando and DJ are going to have an interactive panel at CPAC talking about the one kind of Anime Nando is marginally familiar with: Pokémon! We are looking for eight Pokéfans to join us onstage for our first Live Bracket! What we are trying to discover is simple. Which Pokémon is the Worst Pokémon?

Is it Garbodor because of how bad of an idea having a garbage Pokemon is? Is it Goldeen because of its uselessness in Smash? Is it Braxien because of the internet? We want to know. Email us here and give us your reasoning for the worst Pokemon. If you make an interesting/good case, we will invite you to speak at the panel and see if the audience agrees. Whoever's Pokemon wins the bracket will even get a cool Poke-prize.

Our panel is at 12AM in Babbio Center 122. We will be following another Pokemon bracket so if you are already at one, just stay there. Chances are good that we are next. We can't wait to see you on Sunday! Also watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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