Despite All Our Rage

We are still just a bracket in a Cage! MBS's next bracket is going to be The Cagest Movie (title pending). We are looking for suggestions on movies that people believe typify the life and time of Nicholas Kim Copolla. Wait a second. Is he related to! Oh my god! He is incredible. And we are looking for your submissions for movies to be a part of our bracket.

Did you like Lord of War because of his nuanced performance? Recommend it. Did you like Vampire's Kiss because of his unintelligible accent? Recommend it. Did you like Next? Recommend it. Any Cage movie could be in the bracket and even the idea of a "Cage movie" is up for interpertation. Was his Grindhouse cameo technically a movie? Maybe. Is that movie they are making about some friends stealing a Superman comic from Nick Cage's house, that will not include Nick himself, a Cage movie? Maybe. Is Superman Lives, a classic Superman movie that never happened starring the Cagemaster, a movie? Maybe. What about the Mortal Kombat movie? You tell us. 

Let us know on twitter or on the comments of this very website or Facebook or call us. Just get the word out and for God sakes, Put the Bunny back in the box.
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