Why We Need Brackets

We at Mad Bracket Status encourage brackets. We need more brackets in everyday life. This past weekend though, something happened that made me furious about the current bracket system in College Football. 

Found out why I'm upset after the break.

So by now you certainly must’ve heard about Auburn’s insane win over Alabama this past Saturday…wait you didn't? Literally drop everything and watch this video:

 Ok so yea, that was crazy. Probably even crazier than this:

Yea ok, college football is weird, but what is very weird is that the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) title game is determined….by a vote? Now that at first may seem like the Mad Bracket Status way, we do everything by voting. Unfortunately the BCS Championship game is determined in this crazy way where a bunch of people who are smart decide what two teams play in the game. I don’t know, I couldn’t understand the rules, if you are really dying to know you can read them here.

“So what’s the big deal? Two teams play football, whatever, why are you so upset DJ?”

Not for any particular reason, except that there are already BCS Standings which exist (again determined by some weird voting). So shouldn't the top two teams get selected? WRONG! This is the problem when everything is decided by arbitrary voting. Even though Florida State and Ohio are the “Top 2” that is not a game I want to see. The most interesting thing about Ohio is their Marching Band (it’s actually pretty cool, video below), and Florida’s quarterback might be taken off the team for alleged rape charges, which we will NOT be talking about. So in the one college game everyone watches I get to see a cool marching band take on a second string quarterback. NO! Auburn beat Alabama! Ohio may be undefeated but beating seven teams I need to Google is not impressive. I just want College Football to take a lesson from Mad Bracket Status and use a bracket playoff system that takes the top 16 BCS teams and goes from there…What’s that? They’re starting that next year? Just four teams…that are selected by committee…and Condoleezza Rice is on it...sure!

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