Vigor What?

Vigor who?
Do you have $350 lying around? Do you want a really fancy carafe? Would it be okay if said carafe did not open? That's right Bioshock Infinite fans, you can purchase an official Vigor for the low low price of $350. Oh wait, that price is high. It is a high high price. That price would be way too high even if the Vigors functioned the same way they did in the game.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Vigors are the in game "potions" that give you different temporary superpowers. For those familiar with the game, Vigors are those things you got a ton of but picked two of pretty early on and never switched to or leveled up the others, even though Devil's Kiss burned the Siren's zombies so they couldn't come back from the dead and Undertow was incredibly effective at pushing guys off of the floating ships near the end of the game.

The bottle costs $350 dollars and does not open. Let me repeat that one. It does not open. So you just get to look at it. Cool. Also only two different Vigors are currently available. Undertow is pictured above and Devil's Kiss is also available on the Irrational Games Store. Personally I was a big fan of Possession and Murder of Crows, but that's just me. I kill people with the weapons. The Vigors are for adding fear and confusion to the fight.

You can also pay $600 and get one signed by Ken Levine himself. You can also make them yourselves, you lazy bums. That's right! This website has instruction that you can follow to make four different Vigors and even also salt and they have cool ones like Murder of Crows. They also open. What more could you want? 
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