Brian is Back

We've been had, Mad Bracket Status audience. In what seemed like a meaningful move, Brian Griffin was killed three weeks ago on Family Guy

Sad news
We wrote about it. We did a great job. We mentioned how we liked the new dog Vinny and we were suspicious that he might be evil, like many new Family Guy characters are. We were especially impressed by the fact that they killed a character for no reason besides that, in the real world, people die.

You'll never guess what happens next, after the break.

Brian was brought back! Whoop de doo! And just in time for Christmas. Here's how it went down. Stewie found a version of himself that traveled forward in time to buy a toy and he stole that Stewie's return pad to go back to the original time and save Brian. Then he said goodbye to Vinny forever and saved Brian. It was dumb. 

Seth MacFarlane tweeted about the event 

which was followed by
which is a nice sentiment I guess, but it doesn't make up for this obviously being a big publicity stunt. Family Guy has about as much credibility as 60 Minutes now. At least Family Guy didn't start with very much. 

We at MBS will all miss Vinny very much. Hopefully he makes it back, too.

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