Beware of False Brackets

One of our loyal readers, George Blazeski (hassle him), brought a new bracket to our attention. Dorkly created it and the theme was The Greatest Mortal Kombat Character, which does seem fun. We clicked over but realized that it was no bracket at all!

To Dorkly's credit, the did not call it a "bracket" but it sure seemed like one. It was match-up based voting to decide an ultimate winner. Hmmmmmm. Where have I heard that before? Hmmmmm. Oh yeah. Here! On! That's where! Now we aren't saying that they are trying to ride our coat tails. We would never say that. Their false bracket; however, speaks volumes. Be on the lookout for similarly false brackets and know that Mad Bracket Status is your one and only home for all things bracket. 

Also, Johnny Cage forever!


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