Arrow Plays for Keeps: A Mid-Season Finale Recap

See now that is kind of mask Oliver needs.
Are you kidding me Arrow? For real? What a mid-season finale. That is how you do it. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., look and learn.

This week's episode was perfect. We got a look at the big big bad. We saw what happens to Barry. We even got more fight scenes than Man of Steel. What more can you want? A little Christmas present? We got that too.

Spoilers after the break.

First of all - my credentials.

So this episode is about survivor's guilt. It is spelled out pretty clearly in a conversation between Diggle and Oliver. It is also another very Queen Christmas. The episode's title 3 Ghosts is a straightforward allusion to the Christmas Carol story. They go in a different way than that story does though. The third ghost tells Oliver to keep doing what he's doing.

I don't have time to recap the episode, but let me give you my top three moments. And I'm leaving out how Tommy's ghost came back and talked to Oliver because...if...I do...I might start...SHUT UP! YOU'RE CRYING! It was a great episode.

#3 Born on a Monday

Diggle is exploring super-enforcer Cyrus Gold's apartment about halfway through the show. Up until this point Gold has been referred to as "The Acolyte" because he is the right hand man of Brother Blood, the big bad (or so it seemed). Fans of the comics will recognize Gold as fan favorite zombie/Hulk Solomon Grundy. However it wasn't expected that they would use that name in Arrow because they hadn't yet and how could they? It has nothing to do with anything.

Wrong! Diggle opens a book and reads "Solomon Grundy born on a Monday" to which Oliver responds "Christened on Tuesday. I know the poem. It is about the stages of life." First of all, wow. I didn't even know that poem by heart. Second, that is some mighty fine fan service. It only took a second to put in but it made us comic fans ecstatic. Then when Gold is later killed, Oliver says "Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday" What a masterpiece.

#2 That Dang Particle Accelerator

Barry gets home and wouldn't you know it, he missed the particle accelerator. He is always so late. Lucky for him, the particle accelerator is constantly on the news everywhere. He is watching it from his window explodes!

Its a big explosion too. A lot of people have died. The explosion seemed to be caused by a bolt of lightning but wait...whats that? Is there lightning over Barry's lab/shanty? There is. Barry goes to investigate because even though he is a genius scientist, he has no idea how lightning works. Then some potions start levitating and BAM! Barry is struck by magic particle accelerator lightning. What a sentence. Magic electricity flows through his veins and now we have to wait a year until they produce that show. 

Also he is definitely going to get with Felicity as long as she doesn't get murdered because,

#1 The Big Bad is...

You thought it was Brother Blood right? Me too. Why wouldn't you? I was even pretty excited to see what Blood had in store. He is a cool bad guy. But alas, in the final scene we see Sebastian Blood walking up to a figure sitting in a fancy chair (classic) cloaked in mystery. Blood is sorry that he screwed up. And if it wasn't for the accent that we heard so much of earlier in the episode, we would have been surprised when the camera panned around to reveal SLADE WILSON sitting in the chair. And he looked just like this!

He is in charge of everything. We get some motivation when Oliver lets Shado, Wilson's girlfriend of five minutes, die. We get a plan, some army of super soldiers. We even get one of those montage when the villain says a lot of things targeted at different people and was fade to shots of those people as he says the things. It was lovely. January can not come soon enough.

But I did say you get a present right?

#0 Merry Christmas

Barry gives Oliver the mask. He finally has the damn mask. It doesn't do anything to hide his identity. He just looks like the most famous billionaire in Starling City...wearing a green mask, but is it still great and a huge step up from green eye shadow.

Get it? Shado. Too soon?
It was a great episode and for perspective this week S.H.I.E.L.D. was fighting a girl in a dress and guys with centipedes on their arms. For shame.
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