All I Want for Christmas is Bracket

So Bracketeers, remember the Cleveland Best Christmas Movie bracket we warned you about last week. Damn right we did. So they followed through with their promise and created the bracket based on our suggestions and guess what...they included BOTH Die Hard AND Jingle All The Way! We did it! Hooray!

"Ho ho ho, motherfucker!"
Now comes the easy part. Go to this website and vote. You can look over the match-ups but why bother? Just vote for Die Hard and Jingle All The Way. Die Hard is neck and neck with Robert Zemeckis' movie that took an adorable children's book and turned it into a CGI Tom Hanks nightmare, The Polar Express. Jingle is battling a much more challenging foe in the 1984 Christmas Carol which I researched and it turned out has nothing to do with Muppets, so who the hell cares? Vote early and vote often. And remember to go buy your sons and nephews that precious Turbo Man doll before they sell out because nobody wants Booster.
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