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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You killed my father. Prepare to dance.

Mandy Pitinkin missed this one by a couple decades.
In an attempt to cash in on the hype of MBS covering it, The Princess Bride is going to be adapted for Broadway. Not a lot is known about the project except two things. 

1 It isn't certain whether it will be a play of musical, but it seems to big to not be a musical. 

2 It is being produced by Disney, a company known for big hits that stay around forever and misses that no one even remembers (Tarzan anybody?)

Hit the jump for some Disney owned properties that would make waaaaay better musicals.

1. Captain America
2. The Muppets
3. Flubber
4. Tron
5. The Emperor's New Groove
6. Indiana Jones
7. Star Wars
8. Labyrinth
9. Willow
10. Howard the Duck

Get on it Disney!