Pika Pika Chu, Where Are You?

Pikachu drinks to forget.

So apparently Nintendo has trademarked a game called Great Detective Pikachu. 

What more can you want? 

Oh a nightmare? Well watch this video of Pikachu mo-cap and sleep with the lights on for the rest of the week.

The rest of the lyrics to Pika Pika Chu, Where Are You after the break

Pika Pika Chu, Who are you? Some yellow Sherlock Holmes, bitch?
Pika Pika Chu, Get a clue. You can't even speak English.

Come on Pikachu, Psyduck too... Actually, nevermind Psyduck.
I said leave. He won't leave. We're gunna have to put down Psyduck.

And if we see a surfboard Pikachu, you know that is a picture we must take. Snap Remake!
Because nothing's cooler than a surfing Pokemon, for goodness sake!
Like Point Break!

Pika Pika Chu, we're tired of you, You've really run the gamut.
No real people care, about this game. Just release Smash goddammit!

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