Nothing is True; Everything is Delayed

Scheduled for release in 3357.

Is anyone surprised? Really? Actually I'm kinda surprised. Not because the Assassin's Creed movie has been delayed. Not because the Watchdogs game has been delayed. Not even because the South Park game has been delayed

I'm surprised because all of these things are owned by the same company. That's right we're talking about Ubisoft, whose name is French for "maybe next year". This brings up so many questions which you can check out after the break. 

Dear Ubisoft,

1. Why are you constantly having this problem? 

2. Is this going to happen to the wonderful looking Division?

3. When are we going to get an entire Assassin's Creed game where you just move around Tetris blocks in space?

4. Why can't this nonsense happen to Just Dance 2014?

5. What the hell is UPlay?

6. Not a question but Blood Dragon was awesome.

7. Where is the sequel to Vin Deisel: Wheelman?

8. Can we somehow combine the Black Eyed Peas Experience with Assassin's Creed? You know what we mean.

9. Seriously, thank you for Blood Dragon.

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