Hey...So...That's Akuma...Right?

Gee...who could that be...hmmmm.

As our guest George Blaezski (spam him) mentioned, there is already a kick ass Mortal Kombat web series. It was based off of a totally worth eight minutes video that was turned into a pretty sweet series called Mortal Kombat Legacy, directed by Kevin Tancharoen (remember that name). It has gotten a pretty good reception so...who knows. Maybe it will turn into a sweet movie some day. That seemed to be the plan all along. Hell, they nabbed Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White as a Jax, who does a lot of what he does best: sitting and throwing dossiers. It has all the elements of a successful franchise. 

Apparently, the same route has been taken with the Street Fighter series as Kevin Tancharoen (did you remember?) has started working on a project called Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. Are you pumped? Well, get pumped! It has Akuma! If you aren't familiar with Akuma, google him. He is all man. Actually he is part demon but whatever. His finishing move is so intense, we can't see it. We zoom in on his back and then he takes care of the rest. He is also one of the only characters we didn't see either of the movies we recently covered. Click here to read ComicBookMovie's take on it. They are super coy but don't be fooled. That's Akuma. Get hyped.

After the break, take a look at some of the other updated characters we would like to see in this series.

M. Bison - Not a magnet powered dictator or an Irish real estate agent. He just has to be a jacked, flying, psycho powered, monster-dude. He hates freedom and loves Nickleback! Is Schwarzenegger available?

Fei Long - Bruce Lee back from the dead, more than likely to beat the stuffing out of Chuck Norris again.

Cammy - I can't explain this one. Kate Upton. Hat. Bathing suit. Pigtails. Mission Accomplished.

Dudley - A British boxer who beats Floyd Mayweather Jr, once and for all proving boxing to be fixed. Also he steals his outfit from a Matador dressed as Urkel.

Dan - A super scrub version of Ryu or Ken. When can Nathan Fillion do some non-Castle acting?

Haken - I've lost some of you. He was in the expansion. Basically he's a big fat red guy covered in oil. I also want Rufus in this so we have a couple of fat guys to work with. Horatio Sanz seems right for both parts. Let's look into heavy CGI resulting in a Nutty Professor situation. Box office gold.

El Fuerte - Ray Mysterio

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