Colin Farrell Knows Nothing

People looking to get some info about the Warcraft movie, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that a person has seen and really likes the script. The bad news is that this person is Colin Farrell. Those unfamiliar with Farrell would most likely recognize him as that Irish guy who looked very scared in a phone booth during the movie Phone Booth. He was also in Daredevil, S.W.A.T., Total Recall, Miami Vice, and The New World. To be fair, we was also in some good movies like Horrible Bosses and the Martin McDonagh movies, but those movies are horribly outnumbered by the other ones.

You can read the entire interview here. Our favorite paragraph is after the jump

Basically Farrell said that the script is pretty great. Take that with an Alexander sized grain of salt.

"Don’t know what’s happening, man. I read the script, if that’s any use to you, and it’s amazing....Duncan was cool. I sat with Duncan for awhile and read the script, loved the script, and we was as cool as can be. I don’t know what’s happening with the film. I don’t know where they are in the process...It’s just a world that I never explored — and it’s a really big and fantastical world. I can’t imagine what he, being as visually gifted as he is, Duncan, and what he did on Moon with, like, a dime, I can’t imagine what he’d do with this Warcraft."

Also Duncan gets a lot of credit for Moon, but did we all forget how silly Source Code was?
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