Best Christmas Movie Bracket (Thanks Cleveland)

Ho ho ho, indeed.

So we at Mad Bracket Status were asleep at the wheel and the city of Cleveland came up with a sweet bracket idea. Long time listeners may remember Cleveland as the city that sang a pathetic and ultimately unconvincing song to Lebron James, which can be viewed here. What a mess.

Anyway, the bracket is The Best Christmas Movie. Again, that is a sweet idea. They are starting at 16 because they are a bunch of amateurs. Here's the best part, they are accepting submissions on their website. You can post in the comments section and that is what they will build the bracket with; another amateur move.

Instruction on how to win the bracket after the break.

I, Nando, have already submitted my two Christmas movies. One was already pretty well represented in the comments. That movie is Die Hard. Everyone knows it to be one of the greatest Christmas movies ever created. It could also be the best overall movie. It is a work of genius. 

My second submission is kind of a curve-ball. It is legitimately one of my favorites though. It is Jingle All The Way. Hear me out! 

A. They nailed Black Friday before Black Friday existed.

B. Sinbad.

C. This Exchange.

D. When I was a child actor, I auditioned for this movie. I was gonna be Jamie, Arnold's kid. Sad news, I didn't get it. Real shame though, because Arnold and I have so much in common. We both love Batman and Robin.

So do your bidding MBS fans and vote on their website. Blow it up with comments! Make Die Hard and Jingle All The Way the top two seeds. It is all we want from Christmas... well that and some fly shoes. Go here and vote. Show them what a Hoboken based podcast website thing can do! Make their little Cleveland brains explode! (That is unless we have Cleveland listeners.You guys are cool.) 

And gentelmen in Cleveland, now abed, will think themselves accursed and hold their manhood cheap, whilst any speaks that voted with us upon Saint Cleveland Best Christmas Movie Bracket Day!
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